Trying to find an excellent Naturopathic centre?

If you are feeling inclined to see a Naturopath, either for specific health issues or simply to learn how to sustain long-term health and prevent possible illness, below are some key tips for finding your perfect Naturopath:

    • Ask friends and family if they can recommend anyone – if people you know have had success with a practitioner, it is likely that this practitioner can offer the same level of care to you.
    • View the clinic’s website and social media profiles (facebook, instagram, etc.) – this will enable you to gain a feel of the overall message that the clinic is sending. Some health clinics are very focused on selling their products and services, and you will find that their websites and social media accounts are predominantly filled with ads about their products and services. Steer clear of these clinics, and look for others whose primary focus is providing a high level of care to clients, educating and empowering clients with knowledge, and providing useful, reliable and current health information. The clinic’s facebook page will also show customer reviews and ratings (out of 5 stars).
    • Phone the clinic – in reputable health and wellness clinics, the receptionist will be able to assist you in basic questions (e.g. the practitioner best suited to your health concerns, practitioners’ qualifications and experience, consultation lengths and prices, what services the practitioners offer). Well established clinics may also have a Naturopath or similar practitioner on hand to have more of a detailed chat to you if you have more specific questions.
    • Check out any events (workshops, etc.) that the clinic is hosting and attend any that interest you – for example, a Naturopath from the clinic may be talking on a particular issue or hosting a cooking class. You will get some insight into the sort of health information that they share and get a sense of their personality, and this will be a great way to decide whether this is the Naturopath you want to work with.

Whilst Naturopaths undergo similar training, their personality, naturopathic methods that they use, clinic environment, and consultation prices will differ considerably. To have a positive experience when seeing a Naturopath, it is important that you are under Naturopathic care that suits you and your needs. For many individuals, their Naturopath means more to them than simply another healthcare professional – the client considers their Naturopath as someone they can trust with their health concerns, someone who will take time to explain things thoroughly, who genuinely cares for them, and aims to inspire them to reach their health and happiness goals.