Orthodontics Treatments for Adults

Orthodontics is a general term used to describe the various treatment options available for people with teeth deformities. This may include teeth that are not evenly aligned being corrected by use of braces for instance. Thus orthodontics enables people who feel shy about smiling or feeling confident due to their dental arrangements, to live a normal life.

To a great extent, the same orthodontic treatment used to treat teens and children, also apply to adults. Adults who have crowded teeth, or have spaces that need to be covered may do with some orthodontic treatment. Still, this treatment is ideal for people with protruded teeth that need to be rectified.

What does orthodontics entail?

Braces; Braces may either be removable, or fixed. Fixed braces are popular because they are more effective in the long term. The good thing is that nowadays, these braces are not necessarily visible each time you smile. Dental experts have of late designed ceramic braces that blend and look exactly like your teeth. You can smile without anyone noticing that you’re got braces on. Alternatively, it is possible to have the metallic braces inserted in the inner or back side of your teeth.

Removable appliances; although these are more common in children whose teeth are still growing, there are appliances that can be used by adults to rectify protruding teeth. Aligners for instance are thin, plastic made mouth guards used to move the teeth over a long duration of time. For adults who lead busy lifestyles with little time to remove and insert braces often, aligners are the preferred solution. Aligners are ideal for rectifying crowded teeth, without necessarily extracting them.


Functional appliances; they’re similar to braces, and are commonly used to rectify the bite problem. This is where by the front upper teeth bite before the lower front teeth. They work by placing the lower jaw in a better position to facilitate balanced biting.

Orthognathic treatment; this is a form of surgery used to treat more serious dental problems. This surgery can correct anything from a dislocated jaw, to corrective surgery meant to pre position the upper or lower jaw’s positioning in relation to the skull. This is done by a qualified orthodontist.



The above are some of the commonest orthodontic treatment options for adults, and you can take advantage of them. Don’t let your dental formula or arrangement rob you of confidence when smiling or meeting new people; these are conditions that can be easily rectified.

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