5 Reasons to Re-consider the Sanitary Products You Use

When was the last time you read the back of your sanitary products packet? Once a “favourite” is found most women don’t think about the products they buy, but consider the following 5 facts before your next monthly stock up.

1. What Is Your Body Telling You? 
For some women, choosing a sanitary product isn’t as simple as comfort and absorbency. Many sanitary products have industrial chemicals applied during manufacture to bleach, dye and deodorise; while polyethylene plastic keeps us ‘dry’. It’s not surprising that many women suffer physical reactions that make each month more uncomfortable that it should be.

2. What’s Your Contribution To Landfill? 
Did you know that every dry weave top or silky cover helping us to ‘stay dry’ is made from polypropylene – a non-biodegradable plastic? It won’t break down and disappear. Ever. As each woman will use at least 12000 sanitary products in her lifetime, the non-biodegradable contribution to landfill is significant. Consider organic period products instead.

3. The Truth About Tampons 
For many women, tampons are convenient but they do carry some risk. Inserting and removing of tampons can cause small lacerations and ulcerations of the vaginal wall and this is not just physically damaging – it can help spread the rare bacteria strain that causes Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). With fatal results for 3% of women.

4. Isn’t It Great That They Stick So Well? 
You’re naturally more confident when you know your pad or liner is secure. But have you ever considered the glue that keeps them so firmly fixed? Commercial grade chemical glues stay on clothes after the pad or liner is removed and can react with your body long after you’ve washed your clothes.

5. A New Meaning Of Killer Curves 
Are your sanitary products “non-chlorine bleached”? If not, they could be contaminated with trace amounts of the toxic chemical Dioxin, a bi-product of the industrial bleaching process. Stored long term in your body fat, Dioxin isn’t directly harmful but has been linked to effects to the reproductive system and foetal development, amongst others. Check the process and make sure you aren’t increasing your risk.

So what’s a girl to do? There is a growing range of products that ensure women are comfortable and confident during their menstrual cycle, while also being chemical free and environmentally safe. It’s your body so it pays to evaluate the products you use regularly.

One such alternative is sanitary pads which can boast to be highly absorbent, chemical free And biodegradable. As a healthy alternative to tampons the pads include a strip of patented anion tape, which can get rid of female genital inflammation and reduce cramping from heavy periods. The strip releases negative ions which have many health benefits and the patented technology is unique to find in sanitary products. Many women have noticed the difference to their cycle strength, cramps and overall wellbeing.

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How To Choose The Right Naturopath For You

Answering the following 7 concerns might assist you to select the best Naturopathic Specialist to help you attain maximum health, high vigor and disease prevention:

1) Is the Naturopath Well-Qualified?

Well-trained Brisbane Naturopath are usually happy to display their qualifications in their clinic; on their business cards and/or on their website so beware of those that do not include these information openly due to the fact that possibilities are they will not have lots of certifications to show. In addition, find out if they only acquired their qualifications from a correspondence course or whether they physically went to lectures and student clinics on school. Ask if they also have university health science degrees or comparable university degrees in addition to their naturopathic college certifications as university study in the science field is incomparable to a basic advanced diploma in naturopathy, which sadly is all numerous Australian Naturopaths have. Also, find out if they have supplier numbers with all of the significant health funds. If they do – this can be an indication that they have the proper certifications (although not constantly) but if they don’t have service provider numbers it suggests their credentials do not fulfill the minimum standards needed by the medical insurance companies which need to be a warning to not consult them for health guidance.

2) Have They Only Recently Finished?

If the Naturopath has just recently finished from college or university they would lack the medical experience that may be necessary to be truly efficient professionals. Do you really want to be their guinea pig? It can frequently take a number of years of scientific experience to establish the necessary knowledge to identify the underlying reasons for individuals’s health problems and to know which the best treatments are to resolve each condition. The very same applies to other types of health care too – from medical doctors and dental professionals through to physio therapists. I would not want a recently graduated cosmetic surgeon operating on my body the same as I wouldn’t want suggestions from a health professional – naturopathic or otherwise – if they lacked the clinical experience.

3) Are They a ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of None?

Does the Naturopath specialise in a few locations of health or are they aiming to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’? Some practitioners will aim to deal with everything from cardiovascular disease and cancer through to autism, skin problems and youth health problems but, possibilities are, they will not have actually the required knowledge to deal with any condition effectively. It’s just not humanly possible to keep up with the latest research in every element of health so it would be best to discover a naturopath that specialised in the fields of health that you are seeking aid with, instead of a ‘general’ Naturopathic practitioner. For instance, I specialise in females’s health and nowadays I just consult in the following locations: Mental health (and the underlying causes), fatigue, hormonal problems, digestive system problems and auto-immune illness. It’s constantly best to consult a specialist that is proficient in the locations of health you need assist with as it’s most likely they will be reading the current scientific data and text books on these specific issues and attending seminars and conferences that are specifically associated with these issues. The professional ought to likewise have the ability to draw upon years of clinical experience in the fields they practice in – which implies you ought to gain from their medical insights.

4) Do They Stay up to date with the most recent Research?

Following on from the last section, the science is altering all the time in the health field so it’s essential that Naturopaths maintain to date with the most recent research in the fields they practice in, for the best possible treatment outcomes for their clients. Nevertheless, Naturopaths likewise need to attempt and keep upgraded on what’s happening in pathology testing (in case there’s an innovative test that their patients must understand about) and in pharmacology – to ensure they have actually advanced knowledge of prospective medicine or supplement interactions. A professional might be well-qualified and have years of scientific experience but if they do not take their work seriously enough and cannot attend yearly seminars and don’t read the pertinent health market journals on a regular basis – then they probably won’t achieve high success rates with the treatment of disease in their patients.

5) Do They Practice What They Preach?

Does the Naturopath have a regular weight? Fantastic skin? Are they hardly ever ill? Do they have high energy levels? If they are over 40, do they look young for their age? If you addressed “Yes” to all these concerns, it might be a sign that the Naturopath is passionate about living a healthy life and is more likely to be practicing exactly what they preach. I don’t indicate to sound harsh but why would you rely on someone with your health unless they were actively seeking exceptional health themselves and were following the naturopathic health viewpoint?

6) Are They Knowledgeable About Scientific Pathology Testing and The Best Ways To Interpret Your Results?


If the Naturopath does not have an extensive knowledge of the pathology tests available from the different laboratories and what the tests are able to recognize, they would lack the essential skills that are necessary to resolve their patient’s health problems. It is equally crucial that the Naturopath understands ways to interpret those outcomes for the client and that they know the most effective treatments, based on the test results offered.

In addition, simply depending on standard test outcomes (that are only designed to identify severe or end stage health problems) is inadequate when attempting to deal with chronic disease or intending to prevent severe diseases in the future.

Without getting arise from the proper pathology tests, the specialist would be not able to offer treatment suggestions based on science and would not be able to think about the metabolic and biochemical requirements of each individual patient – which is among the elements that differentiates sophisticated naturopathic healthcare from basic healthcare and is often the secret to attaining maximum health. Therefore, it is vital that the Naturopath is well versed with the range of tests readily available from the numerous pathology laboratories which they understand which evaluates each patient needs so that they can help their clients in the very best method possible by comprehending exactly what their body needs to repair, recover and regrow or prevent disease.


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Modern Healthy Living With Natural Health Products

Exactly what’s the genuine deal?

In this certain modern world, we commonly forget exactly what is really important – Health. Frequently, rather of taking excellent care of our health and wellbeing, we simply do not offer interest to it. Though development on innovation and medicine have currently been made, why does our health still on the rocks?

Natural Health BlogThe majority of people are attempting to put much effort in increasing up their own health and fitness in their everyday lives. Nevertheless, merely due to the fact that of numerous scenarios, for example heavy work, busy schedules, overall lack of knowledge and outright procrastination, those efforts spoil.

It’s never ever far too late …

Our health depends on our hands. Aside from that, choices has to be made however in addition pertinent actions must be performed. Modification ought to begin with within. We might make a difference on our health today!

Through natural health products, the ideal health and bodily functioning we want to achieve is extremely possible.

Natural health blog products to the rescue!

Simply when you believe you merely can’t do anything to save your health, you truly are wrong! Natural health products can lead you to the better and healthy lifestyle you are passing away to attain.

First, what’re natural health products? The items are made of naturally taking place compounds that is typically extracts from plants, animals or other aquatic sources. They consist of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vital fatty acids and other ingredients which enhance the immunity procedure, thereby, improving the health and well-being.

Heal your health the natural method …

Our body needed a break from the synthetic products or medicines we consume. Those synthetic medications consist of various chemicals that work well to combat disease perhaps at the same time they invade various bodily systems. When these chemicals are too much for the body to look after, this might cause a number of adverse impacts and undesirable issues.

On the other hand, natural health products battle diseases and improve health, simply the exact same as synthetic ones, without exposing the entire body to many chemicals. Likewise, by utilizing these products, you’re guaranteed that you will experience minimal risks and negative results.

Good factors to utilize Natural health products (NHPs)?

Undoubtedly with the use of these naturally made products, the basic health and well-being are being recovered, thus, making those products a very vital part of modern-day healthy living.

There’s lots of advantages associated with the utilization of these NHPs. Mostly, they cleanse our bodies and boost our stamina that might help in managing the everyday anxieties from the daily activities. Likewise, these items work hand in hand with the body’s natural defenses to battle conditions.

Natural health items include vitamins, minerals along with necessary acids that is typically needed by the body to be efficient effectively daily.

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You’ll notice 3 truths about NHPs which will convince you to utilize them regularly

* Safety. These are easily available as over the counter solutions plus they’re much far better to use when compared to synthetic medications.
* Efficacy. They’re as effective in dealing with conditions, though it might spend some time, but the general result is much better than the artificial ones.
* Affordability. There’re a lot less expensive and you might easily get them without needing to invest excessive.

Practicing modern-day a healthier lifestyle could be a laborious job, however, when you put your heart on it, you possibly can enhance every aspect of your life and function at your finest. For more info, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Life-Naturally-1392722157671955